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What is positive people @ jamo?

It is a wellbeing framework that has been written for our school. Our students, staff and school community are the core of the framework. Our students thoughts, feelings and personalities are the topics and the content that we cover. The Five ways to wellbeing model (as developed by the National Economics Foundation) are included in the overall structure; Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep Learning and Give. Sessions are based on this model supported by positive psychology content (including values and life skills). Sessions are completed in a circle time manner , in small group sessions, individually and also through homework tasks that involved our students loved ones. 


Our vision:

    1. That each of our staff and students will have the skills to monitor and enhance their own wellbeing. So that they may flourish and reach their full potential. Wellbeing is available to all.

    2. For each member of our school community (Staff & Students) to recognise their character strengths. What is right with you?

    3. To have a concise framework that staff, students and the school community can relate to, and actively apply. (Wellbeing can be explicitly taught)

    4. As a school community, value the long term importance of a healthy body and mind.

    5. To involve parents in this framework. Through homework discussion tasks and information sessions

    Why? The research? Our overall aim is to reduce these statistics in our community!

    •   14% of children and young people have experi- ences mental health problems. Only 25% of these young people access treatment (Sawyer, et al 2001)

    •   26% of adolescents will experience significant mental health problems (AIHW,2011)

    •   Suicide is the leading cause of death for 15-34 year olds, worldwide. (ABS, 2013)

    •   75% of all mental health conditions start before the age of 25 (Kessler, et al. 2007)

    •   38% of 15-17 year olds indicated that they were very or extremely concerned about coping with stress (Mission Australia, 2013)

    •   45% of adults experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

    •   More Australians died from suicide last year than from road accidents. Leading cause of death of 15-44 year olds. 

    • We aim to develop well rounded, happy humans that can function fully and healthily throughout their lives. Knowing how to face challenges as they arise and allowing them to flourish.

      With a focus on our long term wellbeing. Looking after mind and body. 


      Examples of content areas we

      explicitly teach:

      What is wellbeing?
      How can we monitor and help our wellbeing?
      The link between body and mind health.
      What is right with you? Character strengths
      Building and maintaining relationships, connect Being active the effects on the body and mind.
      Stop to take notice, gratitude.
      Keep learning, curiosity.
      Give, random acts of kindness.
      Fostering resilience, seeking and accepting help. How to be a positive person.
      Positive self talk, attitude adjusting.
      Hearing or listening? Attentive listening. 



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