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1 - 1 iPads at Warrnambool Primary School 

Dear Parent,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Warrnambool Primary School 1-2-1 iPad program. Now in its 5th year overall, this will be the third year where the device will be an iPad. Feedback from both staff and students has been very positive.

In our rapidly changing world, the teaching of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming increasingly more important.  As technology expands in both the professional and social arena, knowledge of ICT is becoming more important for today's students. At WPS it is our intention to continue a program that will adequately address our students needs in this regard.

In this day and age (and certainly into the future) well-developed ICT skills are essential.

  • ICT skills enable students to participate, find, research, explore, analyse and exchange.
  • ICT skills provide each student some independence and some control over their own learning.
  • ICT skills allow the student to present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.  
  • ICT skills help to provide protection and safety through education.

The famous educator and philosopher, John Dewey said, "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow".  Our school's vision is to facilitate a more profound learning process, which meets the needs of tomorrow. We have enabled students to connect with a wide range of information, people, communities and cultures.  The effective use of ICT is a key 21st Century life skill that ensures our students are enthusiastic, active and independent learners who are ready to succeed in the future.  As a school we recognise that ICT augments excellent learning practices and that the effective use of the wide range of facilities offered by learning technologies has opened up unprecedented opportunities for invigorating learning and teaching across the whole curriculum.

Warrnambool Primary School has developed a partnership with parents where we engage and educate our children together using classrooms, virtual learning spaces and mobile connected computers, removing traditional barriers and improving communication and collaboration.

As a school, we are convinced that technology enhances the education of our students. We know that it is an everyday tool that our students now use effectively, ethically and safely, skills necessary if they are to succeed in the future world. A networked device is now the primary knowledge building tool of our age.

Accordingly, our school has invested heavily in ICT infrastructure including an upgrade of our wireless network, a new and more powerful server and new switches to increase bandwidth over our internal backbone. We have provided all year 4 students with fast access to online resources

and creative tools from virtually any location within the school.

We do not believe that a 1-2-1 iPad program alone will drive school improvement.  We see technology as a learning tool that will enhance and support our students, along with engaging explicit instruction to our children’s point of need.  We see the 1-2-1 computing program as:

  • Improving student learning and academic achievement.
  • Facilitating a differentiated, problem-based learning environment demanding higher-order    

    thinking skills.

  • Fostering a more collaborative, inquiry-based mode of learning.
  • Providing timely, more equitable access to a broader range of digital educational resources.
  • Enabling the development of computer literacy skills, especially where students are reluctant to  

    use technology or do not have immediate access to a computer.

  • Preparing students to better compete in technology-rich workplaces.
  • A 1-2-1 iPad program not only engages and supports 21st century contemporary learning but it enables our school's ICT program to become sustainable over time.

For 2016 we will continue to integrate the ‘BYOD iPad’ (Bring Your Own Device) model. This will involve parents providing an iPad device.

The most efficient method to purchase a device is via a retail outlet (Apple Store, Multi – Comm, Telstra Store, JB-Hi Fi, Harvey Norman etc.) or through the Apple Retail Store online. As Apple Australia determines the costing of these devices, you may not see a great deal of variance between store prices. However, occasionally you will notice that extra accessories will often be bundled.

Via Apple’s online store, http://store.apple.com/au, there are two separate purchasing sites which you may find beneficial. The education section, http://store.apple.com/au-hed, and the refurbished section, http://store.apple.com/au-hed/browse/home/specialdeals.

The education section of the Apple store offers Apple devices at a reduced cost for students. The refurbished store offers Apples devices at a reduced cost, as the devices have been returned to Apple, then refurbished and sold as used. Refurbished devices carry all brand new Apple warranties as if purchased new.

Additional costs such as screen protectors, covers and any additional accessories will obviously add to costs. As a school, we strongly recommend screen protectors and a sturdy case to limit damages. Websites such as eBay are wonderful for finding these extras at heavily reduced costs.

Your iPad can either be a 16GB Wi-Fi device, a 32GB Wi-Fi device, a 64GB Wi-Fi device or a 128G Wi-Fi device. We would ask that if the device is 3G then the sim card would need to be removed. The choice is entirely up to you as a family. NOTE: the iPad requires access to a personal computer; the iTunes software and an iTunes store account. Students who do not have access to a personal computer (either PC or Mac) will be able to arrange access at school.

If there are families unable to purchase an iPad themselves pamphlets from the Hopkins No Interest Loan Scheme can be obtained through the school office. It is a community based loan scheme offering NO Interest No fee loans to low income families to buy iPads for school.

Insurance of the devices can be arranged through personal home and contents insurance or through a firm such as iBroker who charge $150 over 3 years if the device is valued under $500, with a $50 to $100 excess fee if the device is damaged. This is what we are currently using.

An information evening is scheduled for term 4 where we will outline specific details about the program, device recommendations and purchasing APPS.

If you have any questions before hand please feel free to contact me at school on 5561 5955.


What is a 1-2-1 iPad program?

-    A 1-2-1 iPad program is where every student in the school has access to their own mobile computing device. This type of learning environment is called a 1-2-1 program – one computer for each student.

What are the benefits of a 1-2-1 iPad program?

-    Research on 1-2-1 programs has shown that they improve student engagement in education, and most importantly, they improve student learning. Having access to global resources at your fingertips is essential in todays learning environments.

This seems like a big change, is it really necessary?

-    This is the environment that most of our students already operate in outside school. If our students seek relevant and high standards with regard to their education, they shouldn’t be required to power down when they come to school.

Will computers replace teachers?

-    Our teachers will always explicitly instruct their students. A 1-2-1 program will allow our teachers greater flexibility and choice about when to use the iPad as one of many instructional tools that are available to them.

What type of security will the device have?

-    Internet access will be monitored and / or blocked by the school’s filtering software in much the same way it always has been. 3G devices will not be allowed.

How much will it cost?

-    The total cost, will be the cost of the iPad and cover. The school will buy the APPS that the students are required to have.

As we seek your support to make our school and our educational programs exemplary, we offer the following observation from the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD):

Technology and technology - empowered students are here to stay. Schools can either capitalize on young people’s affinity for technology or fail to engage them in learning and be perceived as more and more irrelevant. Logically, without technology, schools will not be able to prepare students for an increasingly technology – driven world of the future.”

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